We are back!

After a long Covid break from Olympic sailing, we are finally back on the water! Last week, Leopold had his comeback to sailing and won the City Island Cup in New York with three bullets and one second place. Even though the boat was an X332 and not quite a 470, it was nice to be back out there. We will make an announcement in the fall after the Tokyo Olympics regarding our plans for the next olympic cycle towards Paris 2024!


Leopold Brandl at the City Island Cup 2021 in New York

World Sailing Event IWR Liguria, Italy

We spent the last days in Italy to test our new boat. We had some difficulties and only finished in 9th but the boat is ready now. Can´t wait for more in Spain next week.

Leopold Brandl / Maximilian Brandl Day 1 World Sailing Event Italy
Leopold Brandl / Maximilian Brandl Day 2 World Sailing Event Italy
Leopold Brandl / Maximilian Brandl Day 3 World Sailing Event Italy

National Championships & State Championships

In the last couple of weeks, we competed in the National Championships and the State Championships. We are quite content with our performance; we finished the State Championships in 2nd. Unfortunately we couldn´t compete in all races at the National Championships, as Leopold had to take an exam. It was still nice to finish the Nationals with a first place on the last day.

Leopold is currently in the US doing some big boat sailing in Miami. We will soon be back on the water.


Sailing World Cup Miami

After two weeks in Miami, we are back in Europe now. The event did not go as planned … we arrived late and had just one day of training with the charter boat before racing and so the problems started…

On the first day of racing our spinnaker halyard broke, on the second day we had some trouble with the centreboard system and then the mastfoot-pin broke…

Overall we planned things too tight and had not enough time to get used to the boat and give it a little overhaul.

Lesson learned!!!!

Even though we finished the Worldcup just in 35th we had a good time in the States and want to say THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who made this possible and always supports us on our journey to the 2020 Olympic Summer Games.

Thank You to Flir Systems, Raymarine, HS Sprenger, Marinepool, Olimpic Sails, Mallorca Clothing Company, Glogglz, Alpha Ropes, Bessey Industrial Tools and Tactical Sailing for the financial support and the supplies.

Thank You to our training partners Afrodite and Lobke and huge congrats to our other training mates Jordi and Nico for the victory!!!

The most important supporter here was Katrin, who hosted us and helped us wherever possible and gave us some great nutrition advice. Check out what she can do for you on http://katrinmehler.com/

Imperia Winterregatta

Yesterday we finished the World Sailing Ranking Event in Imperia (Imperia Winter Regatta) in 7th Place in the 470 Men fleet.

In the event were 236 sailors from 8 nations in the classes 470 and 420 participating. Everything was very well organized and the race committee did a great job. The weather played along as well, except for the last day on which sailing was due to the danger of giant waves impossible.

This week we are heading to Palamos for the international Christmasrace.

1.jpgPhoto credits: Andrea Lelli

Weltmeisterschaft Bracciano

39878874_10156849910729301_2563729956815241216_o39786258_1825917054189834_4396478972595011584_oAm letzten Sonntag ist für uns die erste gemeinsame Weltmeisterschaft in Bracciano zuende gegangen. Wir beendeten das Event auf Gesamtplatz 26 und Platz1 in der Wertung U17. Der 26. Gesamtplatz ist trotz eines Rennens, dass wir nicht beenden konnten, nicht das, was wir erwartet haben, aber ein 8., 6., und 10. Platz in der Finalserie machten es erträglich. Wir wissen woran wir arbeiten müssen und werden daran arbeiten und stärker zurückkommen. Unsere nächsten Events sind der Seglerhauspreis auf dem Heimrevier in Berlin und die Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft.

Bis Bald


Training Dervio

Die letzten 12 Tage haben wir mit dem Team Italien in Dervio trainiert, um optimal auf die nahende Weltmeisterschaft vorbereitet zu sein. Die Bedingungen, das Training und die Trainingspartner waren super und wir sind zuversichtlich.

Wir werden nun noch einige Tage auf dem WM Revier in Rom trainieren und dort vor der WM an der Italienischen Meisterschaft teilnehmen.


Internationale Trapezregatta

Unser erstes deutsches Event des Jahres war dieses Jahr die internationale Trapezregatta. Das Endergebnis war zwar nicht wie erhofft (wegen eines Materialschadens konnten wir das erste Rennen nicht beenden und es fanden mangels Wind auch nur 3 Wettfahrten statt, weshalb das erste Rennen nicht streichbar war), wir sind jedoch mit unserer Wettfahrtserie DNF, 5, 1 doch zufrieden. Glückwunsch an die Gewinner Frank und Uti Thieme aus Berlin.

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung an unsere Partner Raymarine, Marinepool, HS Sprenger, Tactical Sailing, Alpha Ropes, Bessey Tools, Mallorca Clothing Company, Olimpic Sails, Librestado/Taxfree Today/Staatenlos